Figured I needed some more promo images so I finished this one today. Nice n spooky.

promo art

And these are the new sprites! From left to right, here are the characters that are going to be in Metamorphoser 2.0:

new sprites for 2.0


Carter’s friend from Law class. Responsible, fastidious, and very smart. Always looking out for Carter since he can be a bit of an idiot.


Carter’s best friend since they were little, so they’re very close. Secretly (or not so secretly?) has a crush on Carter and tends to play it off as jokey flirting.


Our resident bi disaster - snarky, reckless, and a little insecure. He ends up falling fast for Isaac and it’s not until it’s far too late that he realises he’s made an awful mistake.


Our handsome love interest/mystery man/asshole/whatever the hell he is. Will stop at nothing to get what he wants (Carter) and I mean literally nothing.

The doctor

A.K.A. “Isaac’s hot dad”, “Doc”. Real name: Hamzah Farooq. The college doctor and a biotech researcher who has several skeletons in his closet.