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Now that I have the remote git repo set up for the game it’s way easier to synchronise development between my laptop and desktop. Using git for windows is a bit clunky until I get used to it but it has bash emulation!! Which makes my life much easier because the windows command line confuses the hell out of me. So today I got around to adding the new higher resolution backgrounds that I made a while back. I used a finer rendering setting (with antialiasing this time! no jagged edges now) and also added more details to some scenes which took a lot of time but was definitely worth it. I also tried to add more colour to the scenes because in the first version they all came out very grey. What I always forget with rendering is that light/colour bounces around a scene. E.g. in the new cafe scene you can see the green from outside and the red from the chairs reflected onto the ceiling so even though the ceiling texture is actually ju white, it doesn’t show up that way once rendered.